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I am a BETA-tester for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and have been testing the game extensively before its release. During testing, I noticed that the simulated brakes, suspension and gearbox ratios were unrealistic and sought relay this to the development team. However, my comments were met with mixed responses. Hence I decided to create a mod that would resolve the above-mentioned problems as I was powerless and unsuccessful in pushing for changes to the retail version of the game.

In this mod, I have extensively tweaked the suspension and damping settings which I felt were highly unrealistic. They were extremely stiff, had almost no suspension travel and was excessively over-damped. My mod aims to replicate something closer to real life. I have also reduced the braking power as the default ones are extremely sharp which are unlike that of real trucks.

The biggest change I have made is to correct the wrong gear ratios used by the developers. The developers have decided to use Scania’s gear ratios across the board but this was further marred by the fact that the gear ratios used on the Scania were wrong in the first place as they were from the G-series trucks and not the R-series portrayed in the game. As such, I have done extensive research on the individual gearboxes for the trucks and have changed the ratios for both forward and reverse gears, as well as the final drive ratio. It was interesting to note that Volvos and Renaults shared the same I-Shift gearbox, while MAN, Iveco and DAF are all using ZF AS-Tronic gearboxes. Scania used their own Opticruise while Mercedes uses their own Powershift (G281).

The mod also removes the 90km/h limiter.

I hope you guys enjoy the mod and give me some comments. Please take note that there might be a bug where the cab will rock forwards and backwards uncontrollably due to the mod. This is a bug with the game engine and cannot be solved by me. I’ve already submitted a bug report to the developers concerning this issue.

For 6×2, 6×4 with limiter, 6×2, 6×4 without limiter, 4×2 with limiter, 4×2 without limiter and for launcher.

Download Here!

How to install:

Place the .scs archive into “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod


Changelog (v1.5)

-Reduced damage coefficient slightly by around 17%
-Introduced separate download for 6×4 chassis
-Increased chassis suspension damping (for 6×4 chassis)
-Increased DAF XF’s transmission differential ratio from 2.53 to 2.69
-Increased Renault Magnum’s transmission differential ratio from 2.64 to 3.08
-Increased Scania R-series’ transmission differential ratio from 2.59 to 3.08
-Increased Volvo FH16′s transmission differential ratio from 2.64 to 3.40

Changelog (v1.4):

-Reduced cabin maximum pitch speed
-Reduced cabin pitch stiffness
-Reduced cabin pitch damping
-Increased clutch viscosity
-Improved stability of chassis

Changelog (v1.3):

-Corrected wrong Renault Premium gear ratios
-Changed the Volvo differential ratio to 2.67 from 2.47, which was the version with overdrive and too high a top speed
-Changed the two Renault’s differential ratios
-Reduced cabin pitch stiffness
-Increased cabin pitch damping
-Reduced chassis suspension stiffness
-Increased chassis suspension damping significantly
-Reduced trailer suspension stiffness
-Reduced trailer suspension damping
-Reduced rear axle suspension stiffness
-Increased rear axle suspension damping

Changelog: v1.2 Changelog:

-Increased brake torque slightly
-Increased cabin roll speed
-Reduced cabin rear maximum pitch angle
-Increased cabin maximum roll angle
-Increased cabin pitch stiffness
-Increased cabin pitch damping
-Reduced cabin roll stiffness
-Reduced cabin roll damping
-Reduced suspension travel significantly
-Reduced front axle suspension stiffness significantly
-Increased rear axle suspension stiffness
-Reduced trailer axles suspension stiffness
-Reduced front axle damping significantly
-Increased rear axle damping
-Reduced trailer axles damping

v1.1 Changelog:

-Stiffened rear axle springing and damping slightly
-Reduced roll angle of cab slightly
-Increased roll stiffness slightly
-In general, improved stability of truck at high speeds



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