Facebook Bejeweled Blitz Hack 2013 Free Download

Facebook Bejeweled Blitz Hack 2013 Free Download

This program will play Bejeweled Blitz on facebook automatically to get you the highest score possible. Amaze your friends and family with your unbelievably high score! You damn cheaters! ^_^

So don’t wait anymore, just click on download button below and download it.

How to use:

The program should automatically detect and run when the Bejeweled Blitz game is on the screen and after the game has started.

A green button saying “Success!” means it has found the game. A red button means it hasn’t detected the game.

The top left number on the program is a speed control, a delay between moves. 65 milliseconds is the default. 40 is about as fast as the game will allow. Any higher than 20 may cause computer instability. It may also stop responding if it is set too high.

The alternate option makes the game play slightly differently. Results may vary.

Have fun! :D

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