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A WIP multiplayer hack n' slash mod for Minecraft

 Another update is out! Lots of polish and bug fixes, as well the addition of new blocks! Hack/Mine is officially in the Technic launcher!

The update is out! Enjoy the new classes, dynamic atmosphere system, new key binding system, orc archer, and slimes! SLIIIIMMmMmmeess!!!

The update is out! Features include:

  • Added a class selection dialogue! The Warrior, Mage, and Ranger are now all playable classes. For some reason this makes me want to add more…
  • Gave rangers the ability to climb! It's totally imba right now, but it will be limited to non-manmade blocks, once I've created/obtained some new blocks for use in dungeons.
  • Added Blink and Lightning for the Mage, and gave the Ranger Tri-shot, Explosive Shot, and Lightning Shot. I'll be giving the Warrior more toys in the next patch. Note that every spell is subject to being changed or entirely removed (especially the Ranger's) and will eventually be unlockable, instead of you just starting out with them. Also, I need to get/make some more spell icons, as well as purdy/neaten up the spells a good bit. So for now, just have fun and tell me how it goes!
  • Added the Orc Archer! Props to my roommate for the texture-work, hehe.
  • Added a whole RAINBOW of slimes, which appear in small numbers throughout the entire world! Each has a particular element that it both deals in damage and entirely resists. Also, there's a camouflage slime and an actual rainbow slime that cycles through all the colors, changing it's element appropriately. For now, black slimes have a random element, but will later resist physical.
  • Added a dynamic atmosphere system– many Areas now change the sky, fog, cloud, and overall screen color, along with day and night lighting and brightness, for your enhanced viewing pleasure. Still need to add a lot of features to Areas, but this was a large step in the right direction.
  • Added a new Controls screen! Key bindings may now be configured with modifiers (shift, ctrl, or alt).
  • Adding resistance to magical properties! Fire resist already added, will be adding more in the next patch.
  • Fixed a few horrible game-crashing bugs in SMP, though there are probably still others. For now, run your client from command prompt, then copy-paste any game-crashing errors to this thread!
  • Lava and fall damage now deal damage on a percent basis.
  • Mobs weren't dealing damage correctly! This has been corrected, and your game will now probably be much more difficult Posted Image
  • Decreased the travel time required to find higher level areas.
  • Some more little things and general performance improvements

Enjoy the new classes! I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have for them. Also, remember to have your bow equipped when casting the Ranger's spells. There's currently a bug where you can't cast them by holding down the hotkey, you have to shift-right click Posted Image Other classes I'm considering adding are:

  • Healers (yeah, I take back what I said in the video) We've thought of ways to make them fun, hehe
  • Bards
  • More!

A subclass system is also a possibility (Warriors may branch into Knights, Barbarians, and Paladins, for example). Just thought you'd like to hear that…


How To Play:

Before you start, go check out the new Controls menu and make sure everything is straight.

Press "r" to open your spellbook and spend your stat points!

Use "+" and "-" to zoom the radar in and out Posted Image

Once you enter a world for the first time, a dialogue asking which class you want to be will appear! For now you can be a Warrior, a Mage, or a Ranger (with many more to come!) Spells are as follows:


  • Leap: Sail into the air, escaping harms way!
  • Taunt: Causes an enemy to focus his attacks on you! (Will serve more of a purpose once the threat mechanic is in place)
  • Leash: Pulls an enemy towards you!
  • Charge: Dash into a crowd of enemies, blowing them asunder!


  • Blink: Teleport a short distance! (inaccurate at longer distances… be careful Posted Image)
  • Firebolt: Blast your enemies with fire!
  • Charged Bolt: Release a barrage of energy particles, increasing in number as you stack Intelligence!
  • Lightning: Bend the wrath of the heavens to your will…
  • Gust: Knocks all enemies in a close proximity far away!


  • Climb: Passive ability to climb natural blocks!
  • Leap: Temporary! Will be replaced with arrow zip-linin' tomfoolery at some point…
  • Tri-shot: Fire multiple arrows at once!
  • Exploding Arrow: A high mana cost, moderate explosion on impact!
  • Lightning Arrow: Word of advice– do NOT use this on Roflc- better yet, DO use it on Roflcondas! Go right on ahead. No, really!

Things are totally unbalanced right now to the point that higher levels are probably either impossible or plain easy, but that's ok, cause we're in alpha baby. So have fun with it, and let me know what needs fixin'!

If your game crashes or you see a not-blatantly-obvious issue, post it and any error messages on the thread! It's your job– neigh, your DUTY as a tester of Hack/Mine! Also, suggestions are more than welcome.

If things are "hiccupy", it's probably because of the large dungeons generating. There's an option under "More World Options…" to disable them if it's really that bad, but no worries! I'll be adding them to the new dungeon gen system soon, and it will be seamlessly fast then. Well, relatively speaking. Towers can be disabled along with structures, but they're on the new system and shouldn't be causing issues.

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